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Colour - B

Colour - B system

Colour - B system

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The complete colourist kit. Includes the full Colour - B starter kit:

That's the full trolley base and wheels.  the only hexagonal, height adjustable aluminium column, the first two tray types:- The compact 'Tulip' and the longer 'Lupin' with 6 options to hold your Colour - B bowls, and of course the 6 Colour - B specialist hexagon colour bowls.

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The Tulip

Compact and Convenient

Our Tulip tray combines our patent pending "drop-lock" system within its economic design. allowing you to keep your colour closer to the client without getting in the way. You can connect up to 4 colour bowls and there's even enough room for your foils and accessories

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The lupin

Slimline and Specific

The Lupin tray is the first tray of it's kind to finally address the issue of long foils, With an extra long design allowing you to lay your foils flat without any overhang. All the while being able to connect up to 6 colour bowls! and not waste any space! Perfectly balanced and sleek enough to allow you to have your colour where you need it to be.

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Our colour - b bowls

Connectable and Collectible

Our Colour - B bowls offer something different, the industry first colour bowls to actually connect to your colour tray! This means your colour bowl stays where it should when you work, and spillage is a thing of the past. Connect to your tray of choice and go back to doing what you love without compromise.

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