Become one of the pioneer 500

You've seen the what we're about and you want to be a pioneer and B the first! So, what do you get for your support?

With your £40 pledge today you will receive one of the first 500 production models of our Colour - B modular trolley system. Below is what you will receive when the production threshold has been reached.

What does "production threshold" mean?... What this means is, We need you! fellow hair professional to support us - with your £40 deposit we will be able to begin the full scale production of Colour - B.

We have developed a brand new never seen before colour tool system, and until now did not exist!

Your support and deposit, let's us know we're doing the right thing for our industry - and what we have created is needed and valued by our community and we can continue to develop beautiful, dynamic and useful products, and we can B the change for our industry.

We can make the first steps of this journey possible. We can all finally have a colour trolley that has been designed by one of us - for all of us!

The kit includes:

  • The Colour - B trolley base with our industry first, ball bearing rubber wheels.
  • The only height adjustable aluminium hex column finished with anodized brass.
  • The first two tray types The 'Tulip' and the 'Lupin' so your Colour - B journey can begin!
  • Six (6) of our unique hexagon colour bowls that will connect to your Colour - B tray(s). With our Patent Pending 'Drop-lock' system
  • Two (2) cotter ball pins so you can set your desired trolley height and get going with your new Colour - B system.
  • Our absolute appreciation and gratitude that you have taken the first step with us on this journey, (And to make sure you know it, we're going to match your pledge with a one time £40 off your purchase) and a guarantee, that every new Colour - B innovation and update will always connect with your original Colour - B system.