Colour - B

So what's the big idea? Well, it’s so simple that when you see it you’ll wonder why it doesn’t already exist!

The whole innovation is based on the honeycomb! That’s right the humble yet beautifully formed honeycomb. More specifically the repeating hexagon structure - this is called tessellation - It's never been explained to us why we put round(ish) bowls on square(ish) trays… with so much wasted space in between! Not to mention the trolleys are bulky, heavy and altogether cumbersome and not able to even hold enough colour bowls, foils and accessories on top! What if everything was a hexagon like on a honeycomb so you can get the most out of all the available space on your trolley? So how does it all connect? We have developed our unique Patent Pending "Drop-Lock" system, developed to allow you to seamlessly connect your colour bowls to your trolley unit without any moving parts - so you can use, wash and re-use again and again. The Drop-lock system is based on using Our unique counter balance system relying on perfectly placed precision engineered locking rails, that will confidently hold your colour in place safely and allow you to have all of your colour accessories with you - with every service.  

The tray tops you can see are all based on our honeycomb hexagon system, so everything connects effortlessly.

We've even thought about the column and base! you will also get a custom designed one of a kind hexagonal aluminium, height adjustable column finished in beautiful brushed brass detail.

Need to get on the move? every part of Colour - B can be separated and made ready to transport with ease (we're working on a carry case aswell!) not to mention just how light it all is -weighing in at around 6 kg with all parts fitted, you can have the worlds first, most dynamic and most beautiful - professional colour trolley with you all the time. And This is all just the beginning!

We promise to honor your faith in us and guarantee every new accessory and every new generation will ALWAYS connect to your original Colour - B.

B The First

Mustafa Hassan

A little bit about me....

I am a hairdresser of 21 years, and a salon owner of 13 years. I have always sought to create my own path within our hair industry, one that allows me to truly express myself and my love of our craft! This has taken me from the prestigious brands in the center of London, working with, and learning from the likes of Vidal Sassoon and John Frieda, to seeking out the most innovative salon concepts around the UK and then owning my own salon and creative space in the town where I have found my people and community. It’s whilst I have been working in my salon that the first little embers of my invention ignited! I remember feeling so fed up with yet another colour trolley not working for me! What do I mean?

Well, it’s no secret that a lot of the tools and - specifically - our colour trolleys are not designed with any real thinking put towards how we actually work in a professional environment.

I can’t ever remember being asked how I work or what would make my colour applications easier. 

With your support, Colour - B will be the first of a new generation of equipment and tools that are actually designed and tailored for you, me and all of us. 

"We can do so much more when we decide how we work"

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